Bold, reliable, complete authentication technologies. Benefits are easy to appreciate: biometric is the simplest and most pragmatic way to ensure proper identity. However, a correct understanding of the requirements for their installation involves more than their technical aspects. Compliance and comprehensive safeguarding of user’s information is key to assure regulations are secured.

What’s the deal?


( Biometric Module Selection )

Fingerprint, handprint, iris recognition, and face recognition are available options for you. Each solution uses different timeframes to recognize identity and requires different maintenance and operation. Placement and functionalities you want your module to satisfy will help you decide which criteria to apply when deciding on your biometric model.

( Usage Protocols and Penalties )

Defining a clear policy for the usage of the information and who has access to it is important to avoid any contingencies.

( Documented and secure plan for biometric information collected )

A written and accessible plan with each user’s consent is compulsory. Be clear on how the information is going to be used, when it will be available, and how it will be destroyed once no longer necessary.

( Compatibility )

Biometric modules offer different communication protocols that enable them to become part of an integrated solution. Our masters can help you assess the conveniences and practices needed for an integrated and tailored design.