Cameras provide certainty & CONTROL when they are installed to allow a proper assessment of any security disruption. Technology advances have provided us with many options like cameras equipped with sensors, motion detectors, installed lights, and infrared night lighting.

What’s the deal?


( Video recording )

DVR or NVR? Cloud-based or server-based? Are these combinable? We can assist you on the pros and cons of each selection so your design fits your expectations.

( Solutions included )

Sensors, motion detectors, installed lighting, and infrared night lighting are great functionalities but also more expensive than traditional cameras. Identifying which functionalities you really need to make the difference according to your building and each camera placement.

( Programming )

Our engineers have extensive experience installing different cameras and programming them for tailored solutions. The camera’s software enables much more than you might think. Integrated solutions between cameras and other equipment are at your reach if you know what you want.